Pacific Proverbs contest

*Deadline extended until 6th March - please tell your friends!*

Dr Api Movono and Professor Regina Scheyvens are preparing a book, to be called Mana of the Pacific. This will include photographs and proverbs about the strengths of Pacific values, principles and ways of life. Many Pacific proverbs highlight the wisdom of Pacific islanders: this book is an attempt to share an appreciation of Pacific peoples through the mana of their ways, often embedded within their philosophies and stored in their proverbs or sayings. This is our chance to share with the world, with your help, proverbs encapsulating the mana of our Pacific.

We invite all Pacific peoples of all ages to enter this competition to source proverbs to include in the book. All valid entries will go into the draw to win. The winner will have the opportunity to choose between either an iPhone 12 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S20 as their prize. 

Entries close on 6 March 2021 and the draw will take place on 8 March 2021, with the winner announced on this website. We thus encourage you to go and talk to your parents, grandparents and other respected elders, asking them their views of traditional proverbs in Indigenous languages which speak to the strengths of particular Pacific cultures. 


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