We have a winner!

Congratulations to Samola Andrew, a sixteen year old student from Motufoua Secondary School in Tuvalu, for having her name pulled out in the draw for the proverbs contest! Thanks to all of those who entered; in total 154 submissions were received! Samola will be receiving her iPhone 12 pro very soon.

This was her winning quote:

"Toku fenua ko toku tofi"

"My land is my birthright"

This quote reflects how important culture, tradition and customs are for Pacific people, and the connections to their land. Even if Pacific people have to migrate because of climate change or for other reasons, no one can take away their land or culture. 

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Pacific Proverbs 

Even though our contest has now closed, we are still sourcing Pacific proverbs for a new book called ‘Mana of the Pacific’. All profits from the book will go into
supporting community-based resilience programmes in the Pacific. 

We thus invite all Pacific peoples to send in traditional proverbs in Indigenous
languages which speak to the strengths of particular Pacific cultures e.g. proverbs about resilience, cooperation, kindness, and working for the good of all.

Vinaka vaka levu/meitaki/fa'afetai lava/tanggio tumas!

Thanks for submitting!


Further information:

Dr Api Movono and Professor Regina Scheyvens from Massey University are preparing
a book, to be called Mana of the Pacific. This will include photographs and proverbs
about the strengths of Pacific values, principles and ways of life. Many Pacific proverbs
highlight the wisdom of Pacific islanders: this book is an attempt to share an
appreciation of Pacific peoples through the mana of their ways, often embedded within
their philosophies and stored in their proverbs or sayings. This is our chance to share
with the world, with your help, proverbs encapsulating the mana of our Pacific.