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About our project

This project seeks to put the South Pacific at the forefront of developing future tourism in a way that benefits both people and planet. It will achieve this by exploring how Indigenous people involved in tourism have been impacted by, and responded to, COVID-19, but also how tourism can be re-imagined in more sustainable and equitable ways, specifically by building on Indigenous knowledge. The research focuses on Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Aotearoa, countries which depend on tourism for thousands of jobs and between 10 and 70% of their GDP. The knowledge generated by this study will be used to inform government officials, tourism industry businesses, Indigenous organisations and other relevant bodies about ways they can best support Indigenous development through tourism in the future.


Latest news

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Dr Apisalome Movono convenes ‘Pacific Islands Tourism Research Symposium’

Nov-Dec, 2021

Pacific Islanders return to simpler way of life as Covid-19 affects tourism

October 26, 2020

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Regina's Keynote at IAG/NZGS 2021

Presenting key research findings and shaping new narratives of development in the Pacific

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