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Fruits from the South Seas

An essential characteristic of the movement to decolonize Pacific research is that of conducting empowering, emancipatory, engaging, and beneficial research that respects indigenous communities. The planned knowledge transfer activities of this research endeavor go beyond conventional academic publications. Building accountability into all stages of the research process ensures that benefits accrue to research participants in different ways, in forms that are most appropriate, effective, and meaningful for them - this is your space to find the fruits from the South Seas, that is, the findings from this research.

Research Reports

Measuring the wellbeing of tourism-reliant communities in the South Pacific during the COVID-19 pandemic



Journal Articles

Beyond Bouncing Back : A Framework for Tourism Resilience Building in the Pacific



Blogs/Opinion Pieces


Recorded Seminar - Development in a world of disorder: Tourism, COVID-19 and the adaptivity of South Pacific people (2020)

Recorded Seminar - Pacific people's views of environmental wellbeing during the pandemic (2022)

Transforming Tourism Talk

Regina's Keynote at IAG/NZGS 2021

Presenting key research findings and shaping new narratives of development in the Pacific

Summer Sea

Iso chats: Collaborative hospitality and tourism

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